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Our Companies

The Group incorporate a total of 16 companies

The Group incorporate a total of 16 companies and operates on a global basis. Ocean, and its affiliates companies are ISO 9001 – 14001 – 45001 certified. The Group Ocean has a financial revenue of 55 Million Euro / Year and a financial coverage/exposure capability of 20 MM Euro. Headquarters location is in Trieste, Italy. Company’s strategic and operating branches located in Slovenia, Montenegro and Kazakhstan.

Ocean operates on a global basis where serves four core marine business sectors: oil and gas – offshore – harbours towing – naval and mega yacht maintenance.

Currently operating 49 vessels and 10 barges and own a dedicated harbour facilities. The fleet operates under the Italy, Denmark, Germany, Kazakhstan flags. Through our subsidiaries in Slovenia and Montenegro we also operate vessels under Slovenia, Malta as well as Montenegro’s flag. To optimally support the expanding Oil&Gas business, in 2005, we founded our Kazakhstan company named “Caspian Ocean Llp”. We designed, built and finally deployed one 270 people ‘s Accomodation Barge and supplied other kind of vessels for the Kashagan Oil Project in the Caspian sea.

Ocean S.r.l. Unipersonale

Ocean was founded as a family business immediately after the second world war to operate in the maritime field. Ocean enter also in a joint […]

Ocean Koper d.o.o.

Ocean Koper d.o.o. (former Logistik Servis Koper D.o.o.) is a towage company established in 2005. Main activities are tug services, towage and offshore services. The […]

Ocean Marine S.r.l.

This modern boatyard, now under extension, covers a surface of about 42,000 sqm. Two loft buildings are devoted to both manufacturing activities and boat repairs. […]

Ocean Montenegro d.o.o.

Ocean Montenegro d.o.o. (former Pomorski Poslovi d.o.o.) is the concessionarie at Port of Bar for pilotage, mooring and tug services.

Ag Mar. Oceania s.r.l.

Company founded in 1964 by Captain Luigi Cattaruzza. It currently operates as a shipping agent in the Port of Venice. The agency carries out all […]

Ocean Aktau LLP

Ocean Aktau LLP is a new kazakh company incorporared by Ocean s.r.l. with Finest Spa to develop the presence of Ocean Team in the Caspian […]

Tripmare S.p.a

Its activity is focussed on the ships towing service in the Port of Trieste, where it is present since 1994, after it incorporated the company […]

Ag. Mar. Cap. Cattaruzza s.r.l.

The agency has been established in the 1962 by the Cap. Luigi Cattaruzza and Mr. Stelio Butti and grown constantly thanking also to the structural […]

Adria Tow d.o.o

Adria-Tow provides towage services and tug assistance to the ships at Port of Koper and nearby Izola Shipyard. Apart from its basic activity the company […]

Caspian Ocean LLP

Caspian Ocean’s core business is provision of offshore fleet services to support the offshore O&G exploration and production activities in the Caspian Sea. Starting from […]

CR Sprint S.r.l.

Sprint Srl has been established in 1999 as the iniative of the Commendatore Vittorio Bordon which has already been the Managing Director of the Insurance […]

Labromare S.r.l.

Labromare srl commitment in maritime ecology and environment preservation, is currently one of the most important companies operating in this sector along the coasts of […]

Interlog d.o.o.

Shipping Agency in Bar

Ponton Koper D.O.O.

Ponton Koper d.o.o. is a jv between Ocean Koper d.o.o. and Fagioli s.p.a. the leanding company , owns the flat top barge P-MAK and operates […]