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Ponton Koper D.O.O.

Ponton Koper d.o.o. is a jv between Ocean Koper d.o.o. and Fagioli s.p.a. the leanding company , owns the flat top barge P-MAK and operates in the deep sea transport, project cargo and logistic solutions.

Interlog d.o.o.

Shipping Agency in Bar

Labromare S.r.l.

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Labromare srl commitment in maritime ecology and environment preservation, is currently one of the most important companies operating in this sector along the coasts of Tuscany. It is in charge of the complete cycle of collection and treatment of the bilge waters in the Port of Leghorn. Besides this, it has signed several important contracts […]

CR Sprint S.r.l.

Sprint Srl has been established in 1999 as the iniative of the Commendatore Vittorio Bordon which has already been the Managing Director of the Insurance Company. Sprint Srl is specialized in the Maritime Sector (insurance of vessels and cargo transported) and also offer consulting/advisory services, in the all insurance fields and matters, to the various […]

Caspian Ocean LLP

Caspian Ocean’s core business is provision of offshore fleet services to support the offshore O&G exploration and production activities in the Caspian Sea. Starting from 2006 the Company has a record of uninterrupted provision of offshore vessels to clients engaged in the North Caspian project. We are also involved in provision of offshore vessels management […]

Adria Tow d.o.o

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Adria-Tow provides towage services and tug assistance to the ships at Port of Koper and nearby Izola Shipyard. Apart from its basic activity the company offers: fresh water supplies to the ships at roads, delivery of stores etc. to and from the ships, additional assistance to the ships (including salvage), shipping agency in connection with […]

Ag. Mar. Cap. Cattaruzza s.r.l.

The agency has been established in the 1962 by the Cap. Luigi Cattaruzza and Mr. Stelio Butti and grown constantly thanking also to the structural and traffic development of the port of Monfalcone where the company operates in quality of shipping agency. We represent directly owners and charterers, moreover we operate as sub-agents of primary […]

Tripmare S.p.a

Its activity is focussed on the ships towing service in the Port of Trieste, where it is present since 1994, after it incorporated the company that had managed the same service since 1955. It thus offers more than sixty years of experience in the sector, reinforced by a punctual adaptation of the fleet to the […]
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