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Ships in distress always have priority to avoid hazard for ship, cargo and lives but also for the environment.

Bollard Pull test

Bollard Pull measurements tests for tugs, winches or other equipment with dynamometers of 100 Ton; It is a statutory or classification requirement to perform a Bollard Pull Test with a third party periodically. As the data has been processed and plotted, and a concise summary report is supplied. This report can be used as verification […]

Collecting bilge waters, ballast water, slop and used oils

Ocean Srl with own tanker barges perform colecting of bilge waters and used oils from the vessels at berths or anchor.

Flat Top barges and hold barges

Flat top Barges. These barges are designed to carry cargo on deck and differ in size and structural design, depending on their intended use. Deck cargos include pipe, piling, fabricated structures, equipment, rock, palletised material or even livestock. Some barges are used as work platforms for workers and machinery, thereby serving as an extension of […]

Bunkering service

Ocean srl is the owner of the concession to carry out the bunkering service to ships in the bay and in the port of Trieste, Monfalcone and Koper. The service is currently carried out by tugboats and bunker barges.

Naval Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

The shipyard covers an area of 22,800 m2 (17,200 uncovered, 2,600 m2 covered and approximately 3,000 m2 of water) equipped with a workshop, warehouses and offices. It is equipped with a dock crane installed in 2020 with a capacity of 20 t as well as a 30 t wheeled crane. Our specialised team carries out […]

Sea Envinromental Services

Most of Ocean's tugs are fully equipped to undertake firefighting, oil recovery including oil skimmers, oil booms, salvage pumps as well as tanks for recovery of oil. Ocean Team operates emergency storage tanks with discharge pumps, oil booms for emergency offloading of vessels. The prompt and exhaustive emergency operations under overflowing of fuel oil and […]

Harbour Towing Services

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Ocean Team performs a complete range of independent, competitive harbour towage services in four ports of North Adriatic Sea: - Monfalcone and Porto Nogaro (Ocean s.r.l.) - Trieste (Tripmare spa) - Koper - Slovenia (Adria Tow d.o.o., a jv with Luka Koper d.d.). - Bar - Montenegro (Ocean Montenegro d.o.o., former Pomorski Poslovi d.o.o.,is the […]