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Ag. Mar. Cap. Cattaruzza s.r.l.

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Technical details

  • Head Office: CAP. L. CATTARUZZA SRL - Via Terme Romane, 5 34074 Monfalcone (GO) - Italy
  • +39-0481-46801
  • +39-0481-44591
  • agency@cattaruzzasrl.it
  • www.cattaruzzasrl.it
  • Port of Monfalcone


Diego Butti +39-335-248471
Carlo Butti +39-335-7816275

The agency has been established in the 1962 by the Cap. Luigi Cattaruzza and Mr. Stelio Butti and grown constantly thanking also to the structural and traffic development of the port of Monfalcone where the company operates in quality of shipping agency. We represent directly owners and charterers, moreover we operate as sub-agents of primary national shipping agencies. Beyond to all the relative shipping agency services as the attendance to the master and the crew, contacts with authorities and cargo shippers/ receivers, we are in a position to offering loading/discharging tariffs, transports, national and foreign deposits and all the types of customs operations.

As a result of the construction from a society of the group (Ocean Marine srl) of a nautical yard we can offer also services relative to the yachts.

The port of Monfalcone, where we operate enjoys an optimal geographic position being the northern port of the Adriatic and is connected directly with the freeway Trieste/Venice/Udine and with the railway and it is close from the airport of the Trieste (Ronchi of the Legionari). There’re immense areas to the shoulders of the dock.

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