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Technical details

  • Angelo Toffoli 32 30175 Venezia
  • +39 041.538.1312
  • +39 041.538.1394
  • ag.mar.oceania@libero.it
  • Port of Venice


Operative manager: Sergio Cassani Società

Company founded in 1964 by Captain Luigi Cattaruzza.
It currently operates as a shipping agent in the Port of Venice.
The agency carries out all the operations regarding the arrival, stop over, and departure procedures; crew movements; loading / unloading of dangerous goods, etc.
Agents of “TITAN CEMENT COMPANY S.A.” ATHENS a leading Greek company that produces, exports and sells cement from Greece to Marghera.

Agency offer a 24 hours a day complete assistance to the ship and her crew during call at port. Technical requirements and any kind of supply are coordinated by our staff, always ready to instantly react whenever unexpected situations occur. Our employees are always reachable by mobile phones.

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