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Technical details

  • Via Felice Venezian 1 34124 Trieste
  • +39 040 300 550
  • +39 040 322 1490
  • crsprint@cambiasorisso.com
  • www.cambiasorisso.com
  • worldwide insurance


 CEO: dott. Enrico Krizman

Sprint Srl has been established in 1999 as the iniative of the Commendatore Vittorio Bordon which has already been the Managing Director of the Insurance Company. Sprint Srl is specialized in the Maritime Sector (insurance of vessels and cargo transported) and also offer consulting/advisory services, in the all insurance fields and matters, to the various clients. Ocean Srl partecipate in the ownership since 2001.

In 2017 Cambiaso Risso Marine, leading Italian marine broker, becomes major partner of CR Sprint Srl, granting benefits in terms of image and commercial advantages. Thanks’ to this operation  CR Sprint Srl become the “operative hand” of Cambiaso Risso Group in the North East of Italy and close Slovenia.

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