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Technical details

  • Headoffice: 57121 LIVORNO - Via Dell' Dell'Artigianato, 69
  • +39 0586 4479
  • +39 0586 409748
  • commerciale@labromare.it
  • www.labromare.it
  • Port of Leghorn and Tyrrhenian sea

Labromare srl commitment in maritime ecology and environment preservation, is currently one of the most important companies operating in this sector along the coasts of Tuscany.

It is in charge of the complete cycle of collection and treatment of the bilge waters in the Port of Leghorn.

Besides this, it has signed several important contracts with national and local industries for the maintenance and management of tankers and warehouses. In case of pollution emergencies, it assures security services both in the Port and in the surrounding area.

Labromare offers a wide range of maritime environment preservation and reclamation services, particularly that for the garbage of the port ships and the asbestos reclamation in.

Plant for storage, treatment and recovery of oil from bilge water and oily mixtures.
The main activity of the plant is the treatment and recovery of combustible oil which would otherwise be lost.
The recovered oil can then be reintroduced into the manufacturing cycle.
The use of modern technology allows the effective treatment of effluent (water-air) as it leaves the plant, therefore encouraging a source of energy recovery while providing quality service and protection of the environment.

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