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Naval Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

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The shipyard covers an area of 22,800 m2 (17,200 uncovered, 2,600 m2 covered and approximately 3,000 m2 of water) equipped with a Dry Dock (Length 145 metres – Width 23 metres – Depth over keel blocks 6 metres), workshop, warehouses and offices.
It is equipped with a dock crane installed in 2020 with a capacity of 20 t as well as a 30 t wheeled crane.
Our specialised team carries out of all kind of ship repairs and maintenances as well as specialised mechanical jobs, providing the docking plan as per customer’s request, keeping free areas under the keel for echo sounder, speed logs, bottom plugs.

Flotation Plant

The careening basin is equipped with a Flotation plant.
It consists of an accumulation 10,000 liters tank, static mixer with electronic dozers, flocculant preparer, dissolved air flotator with DAF technology type IDROFLO 130 and an additional filtration unit for the treated water. with quartzite and activated carbon filters.
In this equipment, the effluent is pumped by a submersible electric pump to a conditioning section placed in line in which are added the chemical agents necessary for the formation process of the flakes to be separated.
The reagents are dosed in liquid form by volumetric pumps, inside the flotation tank there is the separation between the formed flakes and the clarified liquid.
The micro bubbles lighten the flakes, transporting them quickly to the free surface of the water and easily collected in the filters.

Ocean S.r.l. carries out its activities in full compliance with Environmental protection regulations, in fact, it was endowed with the Single Environmental Authorization (AUA) in 2018.

The AUA is an authorization measure that is basically aimed at verifying the environmental compatibility of production activities likely to have a negative impact on the environment.

With the AUA, Ocean pursues the interests of economic development in the area while ensuring the protection of the “good” Environment through compliance with the limits set by environmental legislation and carrying out the numerous self-checks and decrees required by the authorization.

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