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Technical details

  • Via Consiglio d'Europa, 42 - 34074 Monfalcone (GO)
  • +39 0481.413.305
  • +39 0481.792.193
  • info@oceanmarinesrl.com
  • www.oceanmarine.it
  • Port of Monfalcone


Operative manager: dott. Michele Brusca

This modern boatyard, now under extension, covers a surface of about 42,000 sqm.
Two loft buildings are devoted to both manufacturing activities and boat repairs.
The boatyard is equipped with 5 floating landing stages having 184 mooring places equipped with water and electricity (depth 2 to 6 m).

This facility is located in the Lisert area of Monfalcone; therefore, it is 1500 m away from the entry/exit point of
the A4 highway (port of Monfalcone), 5 minutes away from the railway station and 15 minutes away from the “Ronchi dei Legionari” airport.
From the sea, you can reach it by taking the canal at the mouth of the Timavo river before the small port of Duino, then following the route delimited by perches until the end, where you will go left (east-west branch of the Lisert canal).

Activity for this companies


Swimming pool, Bar-Restaurant, Solarium


Haulage, launching, de-tree, tree-top and all the services for your boat